Mike Kelly, 65, has the role of car chief.  When not busy with his own racing operation (M&M Motorsports), Dad is happy to assist in any way, shape, or form.   He is always manufacturing & machining parts for the cars and constantly coming up with new ideas from his headquarters at Winner's Circle Race Chassis located in Appleton!



Mike Falk, 41, has been a member of the crew for 16 years.  At the track Mike is a secondary spotter and has many other jobs to keep busy,  even though Mike has a super busy family life he still manages to help in the shop when he can.

Michael, 17, has been with the team for 12 years now.  He is the head of the hauler clean-up crew!!!


Nate Normand has been a crew member for 17 years now.  Nate lives in Iowa but somehow manages to make just about every race for the team. Now that's dedication!


Eric Forstrom, 37, has been a crew member for 23 years now.  Eric's job duties are hauler maintenance, spotter and helps in the shop every chance he gets.  Eric also is the head wrench for CBM Motorsports, which is a up and coming go-kart racing team!


Peggy Kelly has been on the crew since day one.  When she is not busy
video-taping our races, she always keeps the cars very clean, the crew fed and takes care of all the small things that consume the most time!  Thanks again, Mom!



Timmy "Pimps" Faull, 70, never misses any road trips we make!  Pimps wears a few hats at TK Motorsports.  He is very persistent on making sure that the cooler has plenty of ice!  Uncle Timmy is also the co-pilot in the hauler and he's always there to answer any difficult questions on chassis set-up!



Bailey, now 13 years old, is the one of newest member of TK Motorsports.  She is
usually too busy sleeping to worry about anything else!